Monday, 4 February 2008

Time Acceleration

As you get older, you will experience an acceleration in time. I am currently, rapidly approaching my 45th birthday and have spoken on this topic to a few people that are older than me.

We all found that we experience age acceleration. It is kind of scary, but true! You will have the same effect in your life as long as you remain lively.

What you need to do is recognize this fact and live life to the fullest. Don't let time slip by!

I have seen a few people I know stick in a time warp where their situation doesn't improve and they do the same things day in day out and not much changes except that they get older.

New people I meet are sometimes like this, for example, they went through school without going out much (like me) and they are still the same 20 years later with no love life (not like me). They didn't change and maybe never change.

So, you need to urgently break out of the time warp if you are stuck in one and get out and meet new people and do new things before it is too late and time runs out.

When you reach middle age, you discover that your choices in what you do become critical. If you make bad choices, you can use up many valuable years of your life and never get them back.

One good example I think is the office worker that works late every day. They are the shadows on the glass in the high rise buildings that are seen by the people glancing up at the stars in the night sky from the restaurant as they enjoy the company of friends.

Then, there is the mother playing with the children back home while dad is stuck in a meeting at work while the kids are growing up or he is in traffic trying to drive home.

So think about this and aim to make the best use of your time on this Earth before it runs out. It may be fine in life after death but it is better to focus on what you have now, I think and never forget that time marches on and your age appears to accelerate as you get older.

So don't have the concept of working towards a retirement, enjoy life every day as best you can.



repowell said...

I enjoyed this post. Good advice. I have wondered about time acceleration myself. I have been told by several that I will also experience it. Interesting to see how even our perception of time changes as we get older.

Andy said...

There are a lot of issues related to this such as the way young people consider older people as much older.

But us older people (hmm, I don't like to use that phrase but it seems like the best choice now) don't think the younger people are much younger in the way they think.

A fascinating topic though!