Sunday, 3 February 2008

Anti Privacy

In a world where personal privacy is becoming more and more an issue with people avoiding being photographed, hands covering faces whenever a camera is spotted and people hiding behind closed doors and black tinted glass in cars, I find my self doing the opposite and becoming more and more open.

Isn't this odd, is it a natural tendency to go against the herd or a useful strategy?

This is the first time I used my name in a URL but I haven't gone so far as to use my first name, only my given name (surname). I think this will do for now since few people would search on my full name, but many people may search on 'Wilkes'.

I want this Blog to be found and read so it's important to not be too specialized in the choice of URL and Title words. I heard that many people search on their own name so I wouldn't want to deter other Wilkes' from visiting my site.

So why did I set up this Blog?

Good question...

There are several reasons:

1. I felt the need to have a Blogger Blog simply because it is one of the biggest social networks online and now seems to be sorted out in terms of Splogs and credibility in search results.

2. I heard that they get good visitor traffic.

3. I like owning lot's of websites. But, I am not so keen to give my content to 3rd parties so I don't tend to build "free" websites much.

4. I needed a place to post on random topics and have some interesting things to say, so it makes sense to share them with You great people of the world.

5. I wanted to get more into social networking. Today, I joined Twitter and it had some code to include in your Blog. That's what gave me the push to head over here and set one up.

6. You can never have too many friends, so this is another way to make some more friends via the web, hopefully!

So that's probably enough rambling for now on the how and why for this Blog. So please drop by again sometime. Maybe add this Blog to your RSS reader or save it as a Live Bookmark in FireFox?

p.s. that's a great time saver since you get to quickly see the latest titles of Blog Posts in your Bookmarks without having to visit a site or view the post. So you can regulate your degree of information overload.

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